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Sep 1

Suspects - Two Part Drama About Child Abuse

Suspects – Two Part Drama About Child Abuse

During the past week when a report broke in Rotheram, Yorkshire, Channel 5 showed a 2-part drama regarding child abuse, called Suspects. Since the channel itself made the programme, you can watch it online for a year if you head to their main catchup site using a computer. The front page is here at the following address:

and search for “Suspects” without the…

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Aug 31

Rotherham Abuse Investigation

A report was published last week in Rotheram, Yorkshire regarding the abuse of 1400 children by organised gangs  and the highlighting of the race of the offenders and victims was given a proper focus alongside the problems with the child protection systems in that town.

During the first few days the media focus was more about staff…

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Aug 29

The August 2014 Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse

The August 2014 Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse

Thanks to everyone who submitted something to share with other survivors for this month’s carnival!

This month, I decided to repeat a theme that the carnival has had before, change, for my own personal reasons. As it turns out, the very day that this edition goes “live” on my site, happens to also be the last day that I will live in South Carolina. My wife is pursuing an opportunity in Oregon,…

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Aug 26

Survivor Stories Podcast

Over at the Foundation for Survivors of Abuse, they’ve started up a podcast.

The first episode description:

Deondra Brown Nielsen, of The 5 Browns, opens up regarding the sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of her father. Along side her husband Kevin Nielsen, they discuss the prosecution of Deondra’s father, how they teach their own daughter to protect herself, and the work Deondra is doing to…

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Aug 25

Aug 24

Aug 23

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