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About a male survivor of childhood abuse, and the issues he faces in adult life. Written for abuse survivors by a fellow survivor.

Aug 21

Survivors Group on Goodreads

Survivors Group on Goodreads

Got an email the other day from Neil. He wanted to let me, and all of you, that he had a group on Goodreads named Abuse and the Law. The ground description:

Abusers are Terrorists.
Manipulation through fear, destruction of life and soul for the sheer exercise of greed and power. This describes the American abuser. What could be more opposite to the America we call the “Land of the Brave and the…

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Aug 20

Aug 19

Aug 18

Irrational Fears?

That’s what Bruce Schneiner suggests is at the root of a story about a woman in South Carolina who was arrested for letting her 9 year old play at a park while she was at work. Now Bruce is an expert on security, and risk assessment and I tend to agree that we don’t assess the risks very well, especially when it comes to very emotional topics like protecting children.

Lovely Sunday in St. James Park. Oh, if you like the deck chairs, you can sit in one, for a price. ;-)
Now, without knowing the…

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Aug 17

The Story Behind the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS


The Story Behind the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS

ESPN did a great job of telling the story of Peter Frates, the former BC baseball player with ALS, who took this idea of an ice bucket challenge and stated challenging folks around Boston to take it to raise awareness for ALS.

Of course, we all know where it has spread since then.

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