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About a male survivor of childhood abuse, and the issues he faces in adult life. Written for abuse survivors by a fellow survivor.

Jul 22

Jul 21

How Grooming Happens

I shared this story about former professional baseball player Mel Hall across some of the social networks last night, but the more I read it, the more I am convinced that if you want to see grooming at it’s finest, go read some of the stories included in that piece.

From a distance it might be hard to understand what those families were thinking, but read carefully, you can see kids from troubled…

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Jul 20

Jul 19

Matt Sandusky Shares His Story

Matt Sandusky Shares His Story

Sadly, and perhaps tellingly, even when your abuser has been convicted and is serving what is likely to be the rest of his life in jail, there are still people who attack him for telling his story.

This just goes to prove that there will always be people who don’t want to hear it and don’t want to believe what is right in front of them. All the more reason for the rest of us to support people…

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Jul 18

Jul 16

Jul 15

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