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Oct 20

Facebook User Asking For Advice on Confronting Her Abuser

Facebook User Asking For Advice on Confronting Her Abuser

Over on the Facebook page someone sent me a message asking for advice. Since I haven’t really faced a similar situation, with her permission I posted it to the page to see if anyone else had any wisdom to share. If you do, please go share your thoughts!


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Oct 19

Oct 17

Oct 15

Anonymous said: What should someone do if they are feeling suicidal? If you think they should tell someone, how should they do it? Could it be sending a text message? If so, what should the text message say? Help please.


You should ALWAYS tell someone and ff course it could be a text message! It can be something as simple as, “I’m not feeling very great right now” to get started off and most likely they’ll ask why and then you can get into what’s going on, how you’re feeling, and why you’re feeling that way. 

There are also hotlines that you can call, I have a link on this page so you can find the hotline for your country.

Suicide Prevention and Support

You’re gonna get through this. The feeling will pass, it always does. But definitely talk to someone about it. 

Oct 14

Zelda Williams Speaking Out About Mental Health Stigma

Zelda Williams Speaking Out About Mental Health Stigma

In the immediate aftermath of Robin Williams’ suicide, his daughter, Zelda, left Twitter and other social media platforms after hearing from the worst of humankind about her father’s mental health problems. Now she is back and speaking out in hopes of ending the sort of stigma that created those previous comments.

So please, let’s help stop the misconceptions & support those who need our help,”…

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Oct 13

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